Tackle the Cat Over-Population in Bremen, Indiana

Tackle the Cat Over-Population in Bremen, Indiana

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Why this petition matters

Started by Alicia Cauffman

Over the past few years, Bremen, Indiana, has seen a huge influx in the feral cat population. This has led to various damages to private property, it’s hurt the natural and native wildlife in the area, and is potentially causing health concerns, along with being a huge nuisance to the community.

As of contacting the Town of Bremen in the summer of 2021, Bremen does NOT have a method of keeping the feral cat community at bay and it is left up to the residents that are having issues. Unfortunately, this has grown too large and can’t be left up to the few residents to handle. After contacting the Marshall County Humane society, they also have no solutions and don’t typically work with taking in stray cats brought in by the public. 

I would like to gather the community together and figure out a solution to this growing issue with our small town. If this continues to be ignored and a solution not came to, the feral cat population will continue to grow exponentially like it has within the last several years. 


Possible courses of action include:
- Hiring a full-time animal control person
- Creating a “catch and release” program or working with an already established program for Bremen
- Asking a “neuter scooter” program to come to Bremen once a year
- Enforcing micro-chipping, tagging, and/or registering of “outside” cats that are pets, along with proof of spay/neutering.
- Warnings, citations, and fines for people feeding strays

Feel free to mention any other solutions that were not mentioned above. Feel free to also include any issues you have had with damage or problems caused by the feral cat population. email - acauffman@gmail.com or message via facebook. 

May 9th I will be going to the town hall meeting to share my issues, concerns, comments and concerns from the community, and a possible plan of action. If you are available, please considering coming down with me to stress the issue at hand.

Thank you for all your help!

62 have signed. Let’s get to 100!