Make "Tracks" for Truro

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The time has come for Truro to have an all-weather sports facility to serve our local athletes and community - bring back local meets and tournaments, Provincial and National events, and revenues to local businesses.

Other (many smaller) communities in the maritimes have either updated or developed new facilities. However, Truro has not. Our facility is more than 100 years old. Our athletes often travel and pay fees to other communities to train before and during competition. We are no longer able to host Track & Field competitions as our facilities do not meet standard. With upwards of 2,000 people at a NSSAF Provincial meet for example, not being able to host is a financial loss to our community as a whole.  We are producing National level athletes and asking them to compete against others who have a greater advantage, while we expect higher results.

Please offer your support to local athletes and grow our community by signing this petition, developed by a high school student: 

   “As a multi-sport athlete primarily involved in Soccer and Track & Field I have traveled to numerous sports facilities throughout the maritimes, Quebec and Ontario to compete for my community and province. All facilities have been superior to Truro’s TAAC Grounds. In my opinion a new all-weather track and turf field would make a world of difference to my training, as well as for all local athletes and community users. It would reduce countless incidents of people twisting their ankle or knee over a dip in the soccer field, or large slopes near the boundary lines. From hands being covered in dirt and rocks embedded in your knees after a blocks session at track practice, scrapes from head to toe from training on gravel during hurdles, to changing spikes in your shoes before every competition because your current ones are dull and cemented in clay after one training session, this new sports facility in central Truro would reduce or eliminate these issues and much more. 
   With a personal focus on the Javelin event, what I am most excited for is to have a runway. Despite wearing soccer/football cleats or one-inch pins in my spikes, often times my teammates and I are unable to complete our throws at practices because we are slipping in the grass, a problem which applies to other field events as well. This not only affects our mental game, but has also injured us. We have to adjust our position and angle of throw to try to avoid hitting the power lines with our metal Javelins. This affects our learning and competition performance, as well as being a safety hazard.   With a new all-weather track and a turf soccer/football field practices and games are less likely to be canceled due to weather, as it would have destroyed the grassy field or your feet will sink into the ground pooled with water risking injury.  I am excited to see what this facility will offer, and the sooner the better!”  - Mira A., CEC gr12 student-athlete. 

Truro has a shortage of soccer fields and groups have had to seek other venues to fill the void. Currently there is no turf field in our area. Being able to play soccer under the lights will also offer more playing time.

A competition ready track and turf field would provide the opportunity to host Sanctioned meets, games and tournaments. The training season can be extended to match our competition. The TAAC grounds would be accessible to para athletes and allow other programs to develop in our area. As such, more people will travel into the hub of Nova Scotia and support our local economy.

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