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Unlock Sony Z1s Bootloader

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Unlike the Sony Z1, the international version of the Z1s, the bootloader on the Sony Z1s cannot be unlocked.

The locked bootloader prevents the phone from being rooted and the installation of custom OS software. Rooting is not illegal- it simply allows access to all files on the device. 

Sony has been committed to providing access to consumers wishing to access all the files on the phones they own. 

T-Mobile has requested the unlockable bootloader on the Z1s as the Z1, the international version of the Z1s has an unlockable bootloader.

Locking the bootloader seems contrary to T-Mobile's own efforts to be seen as an "uncarrier".  The vast majority of T-Mobile devices do not have locked bootloaders.

T-Mobile has stated that it did not provide an unlockable bootloader because rooting the phone would void the warranty and allow users to install software that may harm the device. 

Users can accept that unlocking the bootloader will void their warranty and besides the majority of users will not root their devices. 

Allow those who wish to root their devices the opportunity to do so with the understanding of the risks they undertake.

This is still a great phone that would be made even better by providing a unlockable bootloader.


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