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Refund early termination fee, create Honesty Policy

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Many times in customer service, the sale is the goal and not the satisfaction of the customer. Unfortunately in February of this year I went into a T-Mobile store to make some changes on my account, and was mislead about their Hotspot product. I was told it was faster than Verizon and Comcast, and that although there was a data limit, it would be impossible to use all of it up. I only found out too late, that the Store Manager had misrepresented the product, and had failed to inform me of the 14 day return policy, and after three months of having my internet throttled the last half of the month terminated the service and incurred a $200.00 fee.

Although I've called many times and even filed a complaint with the Better Business Bureau, I am being told that my upfront Honesty with T-mobile, and telling the store manager that we often watch videos, and download lectures, and was still told that the 10gb data plan would work for us, was dishonest and clearly the Manager was serving his own interests not mine as a customer.

I was upfront and honest with T-Mobile they should have been with me as well, and I would never have signed up for the Hotspot knowing that a 45 Minute video used one half to two thirds of a gigabyte, and that even four small downloads uses the same amount, thus rendering the Internet device useless after only two weeks.

At this point T-Mobile is supporting the Store Manager's dishonesty, by not even offering an apology, or compensation, but claiming that I benefited from the service sold to me based off the throttled overages. They have not addressed the Store Manager's dishonesty, or their own Policy, that does not refund fees incurred by dishonest sales.

Maybe this way we can force T-Mobile to practice Honest Sales Ethics that include refunds of fees to customers that were wrongly sold products that were not right to them, especially when the customer was honest in the beginning.

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