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T-Mobile: Don't Cut US Jobs

On March 22, T-Mobile announced the closing of seven call centers around the country, a decision that will eliminate the livelihood of 3,300 families -- even as the company outsources work to Asia and Central America.

T-Mobile's decision is a double whammy. In four of the seven communities where centers are slated to close, the company has received millions in economic development subsidies. Now the jobs are leaving and taxpayers have nothing to show for their investment.

As one employee from a soon-to-be-closed call center in Allentown, Pennsylvania, said: “Who in the world is okay with this?” 

We’re not okay with this, and we bet you aren’t either. 

As you know, there are real people behind these job cuts – workers who support families, who spend money in their communities supporting other jobs. Until companies like T-Mobile stop choosing to cut jobs and offshore work, a solid economic recovery will never take hold in this country. T-Mobile has already offshored 6,000 jobs. Does it really need to gut the company further? 

Smart companies work together with their employees to produce higher quality service. They don’t just cut the workforce in a blind attempt to lower costs. 

Demand that T-Mobile’s CEO Philipp Humm reverse the decision to cut the jobs of hard-working T-Mobile workers -- sign our petition today!

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