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Deliver the services you charge for or cover expenses for customers who have switched to return to the carrier they were decieved into leaving!

TMOBILE successfully added 4.4 million customers to it's network in 2013 while boasting lower cost cell coverage, no contracts and better upgrade options! While I realize those claims do not mention good service is should be a given. While this sounds all wonderful  it is not until you switch and realize the cell coverage is substandard that you realize what a terrible mistake it is to move.  If Tmobile want's to run with the big dogs they should offer services to match!  While I knew within 24 hours of making the switch the services was not half as good as AT&T for my business.  I was stuck because TMOBILE had already gotten rid of the phones that were traded in. I was told they could not get them back. Thus leaving me no other option but to stay with TMOBILE unless I wanted to come out of pocket thousands of dollars to return to AT&T!  Ultimately I had to switch all 9 lines over.  I know there are countless others that have been wronged by the unethical practices TMOBILE has incorporated.  What's worse is the company and its reps take no ownership in resolving any issues.  This is an assumption but it seems like they are aware consumers are stuck well anyone who came over with the Jump program for two years so they have no desire to resolve any issues.  Help me and countless others get a resolution to this problem.

This is my story...

I switched in January and have had horrible services if they work at all.  I have called in weekly since I switched for one issue or another. Hours of my time wasted.  No one ever takes ownership and stick with my problems to the end.  I have had two reps say that they would only to never here from them again and by not having anyway to contact them unable to call them on it.  Many of my problems have yet to be resolved or the band-aid solution is inadequate for long term services that you expect to be paid for.  I knew within 24 hours the services were substandard compared to AT&T in my market area.  However when I went in to get my phones back so I could walk away within the 14 day time period.  My phones were gone. CSR reps have told me I was a liar services work fine only to have a CSR tell me the next day they could not help me because I was cutting in and out so bad.  Mind you...I was calling from the same location that the call was placed the previous day.  On one line I was told there was nothing they could do to get service and we had to deal with it.  Although prior to switching to tmobile we were told St. Joesph had good cell service.  MMS messaging does not work while on wi-fi yet when on data it's hit and miss once the high speed data is out.  T-Mobile's csr's solution pay for unlimited data for a service that should be covered on a unlimited basis.  The iPhone 5s that does not have unlimited data is removed from data all together once the allotted data threshold is reached.  Now the LG G2 is not getting ANY messages without turning off LTE switching to GSM rebooting and then turning back on LTE.  A trick I was told to do to receive mms messages on the galaxy note 3 prior to switching to unlimited data. SHOULD SOMEONE HAVE TO GO THROUGH ALL THOSE STEPS TO RECEIVE A MESSAGE?   This phone has unlimited data and is never on wi-fi and is now having the same problem.  Out of NINE LINES 7 our having issues and the only reason the other 2 are not is probably due to the fact they are not utilized much.  I know others have ran into problems after switching and our not happy. 

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