Petition for IITG director to address the hunger strike for Dr. B​.​K. Rai

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We, the student community of IIT Guwahati are deeply concerned about the ongoing series of events happening within campus. We think, as a part of the campus it is our responsibility to address this issue in order to keep the peace and harmony intact within campus premises. It's extremely saddening to see two prominent research scholars from the institute on hunger strike for indefinite time, spending cold nights under the open sky. 

On a humanitarian ground, whatever chain of events may have led to this should come to an end as this now involves the very lives of two students - we are simply concerned about the health of our fellow peers.

Thus, on the basis of this, we would like to make a humble plea to the Director of IIT Guwahati, Prof. Dr. T.G. Sitharam, to atleast meet with the concerned students on record and have a word or two in order to come to a peaceful settlement. We strongly think that the head of the institution can give proper justice to this issue and give it a rational conclusion. 

There are lives at stake.