Save The Pigeon Mountain Trees - Felling Begins On Monday

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Ohuiarangi/Pigeon Mountain is a popular recreation destination in the suburb of Half Moon Bay in Auckland. A local landmark, many families, individuals and dog walkers come here to walk, exercise and play. It's an oasis of peace in our busy lives.
And we have just been given notice that major tree works are about to start - on Monday 8 April!

Both tree removals and plantings of indigenous shrubs and trees are planned. While the planting of indigenous trees and shrubs is a good thing, most of the trees that are planned for removal (over 112 in total) are old mature trees, key features, and are not scheduled to be replaced by indigenous trees. Ohuiarangi/Pigeon Mountain would not be the same without these trees. As well, many birds, including ruru (moreporks), use these trees as vantage points, and white faced heron roost in one of the eucalyptus. I am concerned that cutting down these trees would destroy more habitat than the replanting elsewhere would create, and also, without the suppressive effect of the pines, kikuyu will smother the rock features and the epiphytic ferns and the variety of plants which grow on the rocks (some or all indigenous). 

If the trees are left as they are then the planting of new indigenous trees and shrubs can still continue as planned and the places and trees we love can stay the way they are.

We would like to ask the Tūpuna Maunga Authority to spare the trees that are not scheduled for replacement. At least spare the large old conifer on the Gills Road slope of the mountain, please. It is a very beautiful and majestic tree, and people from the community like to come and spend time under its branches, relaxing in the shade it provides, and the thick knobbly trunk is a perfect place for children to climb and play. This is a truly unique tree and its existence is a gift to the world.

I started this petition, because…
My name is Caleb Azor and I am 17 years old. I live across the road from Pigeon Mountain and I have lived here all of my life. Pigeon Mountain and many of the places there are special places to me and my family, and we feel a connection to them, and much of this is to do with the trees that grow there. I have had many adventures there, such as one during the big storm a few months ago. The mountain is a big part of my life. Then, 2 days ago, we found a letter in our post box about the work to be done. I am really heartbroken about the removal of so many trees that will completely change the places we love.
I believe that the public and especially the people who use and enjoy this space deserve to have a say in this, and many other people must feel the same about the trees here.

I also have a very strong interest in plants and study horticulture as a subject and hope to work in horticulture when I get a job, so I am passionate about saving trees where this is possible and practical.

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