Systemic Oppression in Canadian Strip Clubs

Systemic Oppression in Canadian Strip Clubs

December 6, 2020
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Maryam Mosef (Department for Women and Gender Equality) and 1 other
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Started by Onyx Keller

I am a black exotic entertainer and have been working across Canada for 15 years.

Like any career, there have been ups and downs. I’ve been lucky, but I’ve also worked insanely hard to perfect my craft. My feet bleed, my hands are rough, and I have won almost every domestic industry award possible.

On July 5th 2020, I was fired for speaking out against the systemic oppression dancers face across Canada by their employers. Especially the clubs in Alberta.

Exotic entertainment is a legal profession in Canada, but we are still met with scorn, judgment, and abuse that many of us are not in a position to talk about, unless we want to risk our income.. There is no whistle blowers act for female exotic dancers, and often no legal recourse when faced with violations of our basic human rights..

For us to work, it is industry standard that we remain contractors. Never employees. This means that many of the labour laws in Alberta and other provinces do not apply to us. We are in a position to be taken advantage of by employers. And you better believe that’s exactly what happens.

3%  for liability

4% for Socan

15% for Independent Artists

.8% GST for Independent Artists

$47.00 for Promo (Clubs print our pictures and stamp their logo on it)

$150.00 for Rent (Living conditions that are unsafe and filthy.. you HAVE to pay whether you stay or not)

A total of 56% deductions from gross income

There is a place in a post pandemic world for strip clubs, and there is a way to increase profits, so everyone does well.. I have no interest in discrediting the entire industry but making it better for everyone involved - club owners and their investors too.

We demand that a quota for dances, promo fees and socan costs should be abolished.  We demand that strippers should not have to pay for places we don’t stay in. Finally, all women are equal. There should not be a cap on how many POC strippers are allowed to work in a club.



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Signatures: 8,735Next Goal: 10,000
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