Justice for Shihora Family & Punish the Guilty

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The occurrence of this event happened during this year’s Raas Garba (Oct 2017) event at Niagara Hindu Samaj (NHS) (http://www.niagarahindusamaj.org/ and most of the community members feel that justice needs to prevail otherwise people may stop visiting the temple out of disappointment. 

The Vice President has insulted, and humiliated, Mr. Dhanraj Shihora and Mrs. Ila Shihora in front of a many of the community members, besides that he also accused them of stealing donation money.

Vast members of the community believe the misbehavior and disrespectful attitude of Mr. Vice President towards the prominent senior member was not tolerable. Shihora family has provided NHS with more than 17 years of volunteer services, with a tremendous number of hours and efforts. With above-said incidence, their morale is too low and hurt badly. The reward they have received for their volunteer service is completely ruthless. Shihora family has sent an email to Niagara Hindu Samaj trust committee. NHS committee scheduled a meetup session on Nov 11, 2017, in which Mr. President asked Shihora family to forgive Mr. Vice President with the simple apology, which is not acceptable. This is not a favorable even logic solution! NHS board members have failed to take any action against Mr. Vice President for his filthy behavior. 

On the same note, this is not the first occurrence of mistreating the long-serving volunteers in this community. In the past, there have been multiple occasions where Mr. Vice President has insulted elder volunteers. We have a copy of all the emails about the complaints were sent to NHS committee. No actual action takes besides SORRY as the proclaimed Mr. Vice President has a good relationship with Mr. President.

All those undersigned are requesting to see a strict action, that Vice President RESIGN,  and hold no NHS Board member position for five years to regain the trust they have lost in this community.

We are expecting the response to this letter by end of 2nd week of Jan 2018. 

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