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Eyad Masoud was accepted by Immigration NZ as a NZ refugee in February 2018. He works as a junior swim coach, studies engineering and is a talented competitive swimmer. Recently he applied to join the International Olympic Committee's refugee swim team. His best time for 100m freestyle is faster than the fastest swimmer currently on the IOC refugee team.

Yesterday two events occurred that have caused us to decide to take down the Petition. First NZ Human Rights agreed to meet next week to discuss advancing Eyad's case to the Human Rights Tribunal. And second the NZ Olympic Committee agreed to a meeting to discuss Eyad's Refugee swimming Application. This is scheduled in a couple of weeks. Both these changes are positive steps forward. Eyad and I are thankful to both organisations for their attention. And we are also thankful to 829 people who have supported Eyad by signing this petition. Your support has helped Eyad through this extremely difficult period. Thank you. We will let you know through the blog how his application to the IOC is resolved..

David Wright - coach of Eyad Masoud