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Petitioning Syrian opposition on the East Coast

Petition for the Syrian opposition to unite!

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"Although I maybe a member of an opposition organization, my loyalty is to Syria, the Syrian people, and our mission to topple the regime and I pledge to expose anybody who has lost sight with these ideals and is harming the revolution and therefore the Syrian people."

The Syrian opposition in New Jersey has faced many trials and challenges. A divide has been forming inside the opposition unfortunately due to personal agendas and profiteering.

The Syrian people, our flesh and blood, have been massacred for a year now while we are busy fighting amongst ourselves.

There are organizations in New Jersey who have been sidetracked from our mission to stop the bloodshed of Syrians and to topple the regime. Instead they have been battling each other, conducting events and rallies on the same dates, or weekends just to burn one another. The numbers at our rallies are dwindling, the amount of people fighting with each other is increasing and the Syrian opposition in New Jersey is starting to lose inspiration and legitimacy amongst outside opposition members.

We as the youth of the New Jersey opposition would like to stress that not all members of the aforementioned organizations are at fault. There are only a handful of individuals inside these organizations who are fueling this in-fighting and helping to grow the divide.

Unfortunately peoples loyalties are starting to become to specific organizations and individuals instead of Syria and the revolution as a whole.

The youth of New Jersey have been patient for long enough hoping for this to be resolved. We are now taking initiative. The situation in Syria is getting worse by the second; our people need us to unite.

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