Improve safety and security at Syosset schools

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With school shootings becoming almost daily news, we the undersigned parents are increasingly concerned that the pace of improvement with security in the Syosset School District is too slow. While we are sure that the Board and Administration are working diligently to protect our students, we respectfully request that the public be given monthly, comprehensive, and widely communicated status updates on security efforts.

At the June 11 Board of Education meeting, we request that the Board and Administration provide community updates and timing on the following initiatives that we understand to be under way:

  • Hiring a new Director of Security
  • Installing security vestibules at all school buildings
  • Installing perimeter security at all school buildings
  • Upgrading exterior/interior doors and interior glass at all school buildings
  • Evaluating exterior glass at all school buildings
  • Evaluating the communication equipment and procedures with law enforcement across all district facilities
  • Responding to the parent comments made at the community forum

We also believe that school security begins with prevention, and therefore would like information on:

  1. Plans/possibilities to expand the district mental health staff
  2. Plans to create a community committee that includes parent representatives from across the district

We appreciate your commitment to the District, and look forward to partnering with our elected representatives, as well as the Administration, to keep the children of SCSD safe.