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Allow synchro skating to be in the olympics

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Dear Olympic committee,
I am a 14 year old girl who does competitive synchronized skating. My friend and i have always wondered why synchronized skating has not been in the olympics. I am passionate about this sport and am writing to you today in the hopes that if you could realize how much synchronized skating means to so many young skaters who don't want to compete in individual skating competitions because we love being a part of a skilled skating team. I'm hoping that the committee would seriously listen to our requests that they add synchronized skating to the Olympics. Synchronized skating is a precision sport that is fast-growing around the world, and has a huge fan base. To be a synchronized skater you need to have speed, precise footwork, and an ability to move the crowd with excitement and awe. The footwork that synchro skaters do rivals and surpasses some of the best singles skaters in the world and what makes it even more difficult is that 16 of you have to all be doing the exact same movement at the exact same time. All the sports that have made it into the Olympics have grown in difficulty and popularity, so i think synchronized skating will add a new excitement to the winter Olympics. Some reasons that have been given out as to why synchronized skating can not become an Olympic sport is that it isn't world-wide, yet it is. There are skating teams in the U.S.A., in Canada, in France, in Finland, in Croatia, in Russia, in Sweden, in Hungary, in the Czech Republic, in Australia, in Belarus, in South Africa, in Denmark, in Germany, in Iceland, in Italy, in Japan, in the Netherlands, in Thailand, in Turkey, and in the United kingdom. The committees decision to add more single skating events to the winter Olympics has caused a really negative reaction amongst synchronized skaters because we feel that our skills and passion for the sport are being minimalized. If you add synchronized skating to the winter Olympics every time a team competes there are 16 proud girls representing their country where as with single skating there are one or two girls who may rise to the height of representing their country. Wouldn't it be so much nicer to have a team representing a country rather than one or two people? Wouldn't it be so much nicer to have an inclusive attitude rather than an exclusive attitude? Being Canadian has taught me to always think of others and focus more in the group than the individual - wouldn't it be nice if the Olympic committee had the same concerns?

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