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Hi fellow petitioners, I haven't heard from Synaptics so I sent them another email recently they have not responded to. I'm not sure what to do next. -------------- Hi; I haven't heard anything since late January. Unfortunately, my Synaptics mouse is still frustrating on Linux, I just put up with it and sometimes use an external mouse. I think if you were to commit resources to just fixing the annoying bugs it would be a good start. The existing driver is less than 10,000 lines. 1945 people have signed the petition, although surely 100 times more people -- at least -- are similarly frustrated. People shouldn't have to focus on their mouse while working. Can you please give me a status update I can also send to the other petitioners? I imagine you could create a solid plan by now. One suggestion that recently occurred to me is that if you built your configuration UI in Python, it would be more cross-platform. Thanks,

Keith Curtis
7 years ago