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Absolutely Unacceptable: Melania Trump as honorary President of Girl Scouts of the USA

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Girl Scout leaders around the country are shocked that Girl Scouts of the USA (GSUSA) is planning to endorse Melania Trump as the Honorary President of Girl Scouts. As Girl Scout leaders, we are affronted that GSUSA would even consider her as a role model for Girl Scouts. Girl Scouting strives to “build girls of courage, confidence, and character, who make the world a better place.” Melania Trump is the antithesis of Girl Scouting and Girl Scout values. If GSUSA endorses Melania Trump it will make a mockery of Girl Scouting and everything we stand for.

Girl Scouting as an organization and movement needs to take a very close look at our tradition of awarding each FLOTUS the honorary title of President of Girl Scouts. This tradition should be revised immediately because there seems little about Melania Trump’s actions and behavior that reflect the values of Girl Scouting. Endorsing Melania Trump as the President of Girl Scouts will delegitimize and trivialize all that Girl Scouting has accomplished in the past 104 years and places the future of Girl Scouting in extreme jeopardy.

Melania Trump’s actions and behaviors are the complete opposite of Girl Scout values: She supports objectifying women by posing in the nude for GQ and Max Magazines. She promotes sex and violence against women by posing in the nude wearing handcuffs and by posing next to the Trump jet while clad in a g-string and brandishing a hand gun. Melania Trump promotes lying by saying on several occasions that she earned a college degree, when in truth she dropped out of college in her freshman year. She promotes plagiarism by giving national campaign speeches for her husband that were essentially verbatim past speeches of famous women, but claimed they were her own words.

Sylvia Acevedo, the interim GSUSA CEO just sent a message to all Girl Scouts stating: “…Now that the election is over, our country is entering a new period of change, and girls are looking to us for guidance. They are looking for us to model the kind of respectful leadership we encourage in them and hope for in our leaders. … What we do every day makes a difference in the lives of girls, and what they do makes a difference in the fabric of our society…”

So please, Sylvia Acevedo, follow your own words and demonstrate leadership and guidance for girls. Guide the GSUSA BOD to revisit the tradition of awarding the FLOTUS the honorary title of President of Girl Scouts. At least put the tradition on hold until there can be dialog. Consider instead awarding the honorary title of President of Girl Scouts to any one of the great women whom are a former FLOTUS or award this honor to another woman in the national spotlight who has consistently demonstrated decades of service for the common good as well as all other attributes of leadership and ethics that we as Girl Scouts promote—someone who would be a true Girl Scout role model.

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