Create a National Board of Girl Scout Members

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I have been a Girl Scout for 10 years. I joined when I was a Brownie. I am now a Senior Girl Scout and I am working toward my Gold Award.  I have been concerned for many year about the future of Girl Scouts. I realize that there is a decline in membership and there is a disconnect between members, leaders, volunteers, and employees of the Girl Scouts. 

One of the main problems with GSUSA that I have is that Girl Scouts have little to no say in what badges are earned, who is in charge of them, what their uniforms look like, requirements for badges, and where the money goes in the organization. The solution to this problem would be to create a nationwide board of Girl Scout members who are in the High School level. These girls would constantly interact with CEOs and volunteers to help them understand what the members want, face-to-face. Not through polls, not through comments, not through letter writing. This would be a group of girls who have interpersonal relationships directly with the people who make the decisions in an organization that they truly care about.

My recommendation for the organization of this Girl Scout Member Board would be that girls apply either by application by themselves or nomination by their troop leaders to their local council. The local council has a board of about 10 girls who work with them. Then, each council votes for a single member to be the council representative on a national platform with other councils. This representative would communicate with other representatives of councils so that ideas are exchanged between girls all over the nation. These representatives would also communicate with the CEO of GSUSA in an organized and respectful manner on both ends.

What the board will do:

  • Represent Girl Scout members
  • Keep a national dialogue between Girl Scouts
  • Review any changes to badges, programs, staffing, and financing 
  • Suggest changes to badges, programs, staffing, and finacing
  • Have the same vote as an adult in any meeting on every issue
  • Interact with younger girls and lead through example

This would make sure that programs are created that the scouts of TODAY want. Not what the volunteers wanted when they were scouts, but the scouts now. These girls would have a voice at conferences and know each other. They should have just as much power in decision making as what the leaders and CEOs have.

Now, I understand, you would be hesitant to put high schoolers in charge of your organization. But I say to you, this is our organization. We are the members. You want us to learn leadership and valuable skills. What better why to learn them than working on a national level of communication? This would unite members across the country and create a nation of sisterhood.