Travis Scott pays the hospital and funeral fees for those injured

Travis Scott pays the hospital and funeral fees for those injured

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Bubba Star started this petition to Travis Scott

By now most of us know about the Astroworld casualties correct? If not let me inform you of the information I know at this current moment. 

In Houston, Texas, Friday, November 5th of 2021, during a Astroworld festival,11 people were killed, 8 of those have been identified. Others were and are still hospitalized due to severe injuries sustained during the festival, those in the crowd had to help carry an unconscious body to the First Responders due to the sheer amount of people in the crowd, others had no idea people were dying, they didn't know so they continued to push through the crowd since others were doing the same.

People passed out due to asphyxiation because of the crammed space, people were on the floor getting trampled as everything went down, others started shouting at the security and Travis to stop the show because people were dying. 

Someone climbed up onto the stage shouting "There's someone dead in there! There's someone dead! There's someone fucking dead! There's someone dying!" She climbed up the latter to the stage and shouted at the security, pleading for them to do something yet nothing was done. Someone else climbed up along with her, shouting, "STOP THE SHOW! STOP THE SHOW! STOP THE SHOW!" 

While they were pleading, the people in front of them had headsets which went right to the director, lighting and others, if they had simply said something along the lines of "We have a situation." or "We have a problem." These deaths could have been avoided, the fact, the sheer fact that all of these deaths and injuries could've been avoided if they had listened to the pleading from those people is terrifying to think about, and I wasn't even at the event, imagine, put yourself in the shoes of those people who climbed up onto that stage, terrified as they tried to help the person(s) injured.

The deceased ranged from the ages of 10 to 27, the exact ages being, 10, 14, 16, 21, and 27. They went because it had been so long since they could go to a concert, they wanted to do something fun, and now they're dead, they didn't deserve what happened to them, and they don't deserve to have their troubles silenced. 

Danish Baig, 27, he lost his life during the crowd crush in the process of trying to save his fiance, his brother Basil Baig mentioned during his statement to ABC News. He fell during the chaos and was trampled by those around him, he was simply trying to protect his fiance, her name is Olivia Swingle, and he was trying to protect her when he was killed.

Franco Patiño, 21, He was a major in mechanical engineering technology, with a minor in human movement biomechanics. He was actively involved in many things with the campus community, but his life was also cut short due to this event.

Brianna Rodriguez, 16, she was a junior at Heights High School, she had a passion for dancing, her identity was confirmed by a family member, a family member had to witness her body, I can't begin to imagine how much this hurt them, and I will probably never understand what was going through their mind.

I am so sorry to the families dealing with these losses, you should have never had to deal with this, and I'm so sorry for everything that could of been stopped if people had listened. This was an unnecessary incident, all of it could've been avoided and that makes me sick to my stomach to know that none of this would've happened if people had done what they should rather then what they wanted.

More then 300 people. 300. Were injured in this event.

Travis watched as all this happened, when the situation had been announced a mass casualty incident, he continued to perform for 37 minutes. People were dead, and he continued to perform. This situation is on everyone involved, yet Travis should pay with the thousands of dollars he got from the festival, he should pay for the expenses some of the families have on them now, hospitals are expensive, funerals are expensive, recovery. is. expensive. A lot of people do not have this money sitting around. This same thing happened back in 2015, it should not have happened for a second time

I have started this petition in hopes to raise awareness to the full events that happened during this incident, it's unfair for the families who suffered the losses to deal with the expenses, it's unfair for this to have happened to them in general, and if one of the families happens to read this, I am truly, truly sorry for you, for everything you have to go through. 

If you read through all this, and I hope you did, please consider signing this petition, this was a terrifying thing for me to learn about, I've seen the videos, and I've heard the stories, and I'm scared to see if the body count goes up, I'm sorry for those injured in this incident, and I'm sorry for those who are suffering, please know your not alone, and so many of us will speak for you and stay by your side through this. 

It shouldn't have happened, it simply shouldn't have, and I am so, so god damn sorry that it did.

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