Sykes Cottages - Refund Your Customers!

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This is a call for refunds to be issued to the many customers of Sykes Holiday Cottages, who are refusing to reimburse cancelled breaks for anyone affected by the COVID-19. Their company policy states they are 'unable to cancel contracts' following the UK government's recent restrictions to non essential travel and other circumstances relating to the outbreak. Customers travelling before 4th June 2020 have been forced to amend the dates for their holidays and many forced to pay a price difference for a later date from £200 to £1000!! Those who cannot amend their plans are told they will lose their money despite buying holiday insurance. This includes key workers who are unable to make plans to travel for the foreseeable future as they continue to work during this difficult time and many people in self-isolatation (as they are not diagnosed with COVID-19 so not offered cover from their travel insurance). This comes at a time when many customers who cannot travel are in need of money to help them in a period of very challenging circumstances. 

Please sign and show your solidarity with many customers and owners who have found themselves in this impossible situation.