Save Deadly Class

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Scott Palochik
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If you are reading this, then you are as outraged as I am with SYFY’s decision to cancel Deadly Class after one season. All indications stated that the initial rating numbers for Deadly Class were great and remained consistent throughout. Compared to the inane dreck found on television today, Deadly Class exhibited true originality and a second season SHOULD have been a certainty.

Consumers of genre-based entertainment are extremely dedicated fans and are routinely disappointed by media outlets. Dedicated fans not only watch the shows, but they also collect the books, buy the shirts, and support the artists and writers these stories are based. The surge of success with comic book based entertainment starts with the loyal fans creating the swell of interest in the mainstream that media outlets should recognize as the true value.

Our appeal is for SYFY to undo their error and renew Deadly Class for an additional season immediately. If SYFY does not choose to renew then, SYFY should negotiate a deal allowing another media outlet, like Netflix, to add Deadly Class in its current format with the existing cast to its service. (Hey Netflix, here is your chance to make up for canceling Daredevil, The Punisher, and Luke Cage. Okay, Iron Fist too.)

Show Synopsis: Adapted from the comic book series created by Ric Remender and Wesley Craig, Deadly Class is set in the late 1980s and revolves around students from an elite private academy, King's Dominion, where they are trained to become assassins. The series is an excellent blend of 80’s nostalgia and comic-book violence with original writing and stunning artwork.