Save Deadly Class

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The revolution has begun! THANK YOU for taking the time to view and sign the petition.  I started this petition because I think the SYFY series adaptation of the Deadly Class Comic book was brilliant. The casting, the cinematography, and the soundtrack were absolutely SPOT-ON and thick with 80s nostalgia. You had Henry Rollins as the Poison instructor - How much more perfect can you get?! Ric Remender and Wes Craig's series is one of the best new series to come out in quite some time. And, I get it if you are not a fan of the book or the series. As a Comic book reader and consumer of comic genre-based entertainment, I am asking for your support. Your support shows the suits at SYFY, FOX, Netflix, etc. that if they want ORIGINAL stories and loyal fan base then look to expand the universes found in comics like Deadly Class and other lesser known titles. Please sign and share so we can get some momentum going in our community ... or, maybe I just didn't print enough pamphlets!

Scott Palochik
2 years ago