SyFy: #RenewVagrantQueen!

SyFy: #RenewVagrantQueen!

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Kate Bevel
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As we all know, representation matters so much on TV, now more than ever. SyFy's newest series Vagrant Queen, a show created, written, and directed by women, gave us so much positive representation in the course of its first season. That's part of why we're asking SyFy to renew Vagrant Queen for a second season, because a show like this, one full of heart and soul, deserves a chance to shoot for the stars.

There are very few other TV shows out there with a Black, queer, female lead, but Vagrant Queen did it -- Elida is such a powerful character, played brilliantly by Adriyan Rae. Add in Elida's relationship with Amae, yet another fantastic queer character (who's brought to life thanks to the wonderful acting of Alex McGregor) who brings so much light into the world, and you have a show unlike anything else on television. That in itself would be wonderful, but the tireless work of people such as showrunner Jem Garrard and director Danishka Esterhazy (along with a host of others) behind the scenes elevate the show to a whole new level.

We need more of the stellar representation that Vagrant Queen brings to our screens, and we're certainly not ready to let this show go. We can't let the season finale become a series finale -- we NEED SyFy and NBCUniversal to #RenewVagrantQueen! 

Sign and share this petition with your friends, spread the hashtags #RenewVagrantQueen and #FindAmae and encourage everyone you know to watch the show -- we want Vagrant Queen to survive and thrive!