Transform North Sydney's, HMAS Platypus site into a landmark public garden.

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We call for Sydney Harbour Federation Trust  (SHFT) to demolish the 3 huge, ugly factories and create a magnificent Sydney Harbour garden park for all to enjoy.


The reasons for this are:

  1. Spending any funds to revive these factories would be a waste. These factories were built as temporary structures and have no architectural, cultural or heritage merit.
  2. No uses have been specified or disclosed by SHFT for adapting these massive buildings on this relatively difficult site.
  3. Any leasing interests from any organisations would be kept confidential by SHFT. Concern has been expressed about a possible undesirable mix or amount of commercial-light ‘manufacturing’ type uses and attracting few customers or visitors.
  4. A better solution is to turn the majority of this quasi-industrial site into landscaped public open space, catering to the variety of recreational needs of the local population, from the very young to the elderly that will be double in size within 10 years. 

We want SHFT to:

  1. Demolish the 3 huge factories and create an open garden park for all to enjoy.
  2. Revise the plans, allow on a small section of the land at the rear of about 20% be for quality residences to cascade down the cliff-face on and from the main car-park location. This would secure funding for this major landscaping project, add vibrancy to keep any café barista happy, greenery to soften the escarpment and draw more people through this tucked away but precious site.
  3. Provide better, clear options for car parking, and a possible one-way traffic flow through the site and detailed designs for controlling noise levels across the bay.
  4. Engage with the community more transparently using public displays for feedback before any building works are approved for construction.
  5. Re-adapt the buildings that have true heritage significance – Retort House, Exhauster House and the Coal Store and invite open collaboration from design teams and public.


We ask the community to:

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Sydney Harbour Federation Trust demolish the 3 huge, ugly factories

and create a magnificent Sydney Harbour garden park for all to enjoy.

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