Switzerland, investigate the insects’ death!

Switzerland, investigate the insects’ death!

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In the last thirty years, probably more than half of all insects have disappeared. This not only endangers countless animals and plants - the preservation of our own livelihoods is at stake. That is why we call upon the Swiss Government and Parliament to act swiftly and decisively:

  • to scientifically demonstrate the causes and consequences of insect mortality in the various regions of Switzerland and to immediately provide sufficient financial resources to this end
  • to execute the existing action plans for biodiversity, bee health and plant protection products consistently and at once
  • to take further, more effective measures against insect mortality, for example by promoting diverse habitats and reducing light pollution
  • to sensitize the population to the immeasurable value of insects for the ecosystem and for human well-being.


What was known about bees for many years now has become apparent for numerous other insect species as well: Studies in Germany have shown that over the last decades, more than half of all insects have disappeared. Germany and other countries have started to investigate the phenomenon and have even adopted new measures to address it. In Switzerland, no clear picture yet exists on the issue. But also in Switzerland, people start to notice the buzzing of insects has faded into silence, that almost nothing is circling our streetlights at night anymore, or that the windscreen remains clear, even after long trips. Though this may sound nice to some, it is in fact very worrying, because insects are an irreplaceable basis of our ecosystem.

Birds, frogs, fish, hedgehogs, bats and many other animals feed on insects. Without insects, they will soon disappear. Plants that depend on pollination by insects face a similar threat. Hence, the insects’ death puts food production, whole ecosystems and our own means of livelihood at risk.

Why the insects disappear, is partially up to debate. It is obvious, that the imprint of our society makes on nature is the root cause. Regarding agriculture, the use of crop protection products is at the center of discussions. Increasing construction and the sealing of open surfaces as well as light pollution probably also play a key role. In order to take the right measures, a good basis for deciding and more facts are needed. The public and those causing the disappearance of insects need to be made aware of the problem and its causes. Everyone – businesses, agriculture, forestry, communes, cities and regional and federal governments and each and every citizen – have to contribute their part!

That is why we ask the Swiss Government and Parliament to investigate the insects’ death immediately, to inform the population and to immediately initiate steps to address the problem. Where we already know what to do, waiting is not an option. Existing action plans (regarding biodiversity, bee health and plant protection products) must be implemented at once.

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