SWIPE UP LINK on Instagram without minimum following required

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Instagram is one of the most powerful social media platforms. More than pictures, it is used to share all sorts of stories: happy, sad, stories of success and of defeat... stories of people. Whether it's by posting a picture of our niece, dog or breakfast just for the sake of it or by sharing a story with a screenshot of a news article, we want to make our voices heard - regardless of what we are saying.

Because we use it this way we've all had a moment where we thought "I wish I could add a swipe up link to share this" because even though a picture is worth a thousand words, sometimes a picture is simply not enough. This thought has been especially recurrent since the Black Lives Matter protests started. For a lot of us, our Instagram account is the place where we can reach the most people and it's where we choose to share resources and information. However, having only one place (bio) where we can share links makes it much more difficult as we constantly need to prioritize what to put there. Think of every cause you have wanted to share in the past, regardless of what it was: would it not have been easier if you could have added a swipe up link to that screenshot you shared?

At the moment, only accounts with more than 10k followers can add swipe up links. Enabling every account to add swipe up links on stories would help a lot of people share valuable information. Instagram says on their website that they "bring you closer to the people and things you love". This would be one more way of doing it. 
Instagram also has created a highlight on their page called #ShareBlackStories, made a post three days ago saying they "stand against racism" and have turned their profile picture black. Right now, making the swipe up feature available to everyone account would help fulfill that mission and show that as a company Instagram truly stands with black people and with that cause. 

Let's make swipe up links possible for every account.