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Swindon - please RECYCLE our 10 MILLION cartons (Tetra Paks)

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Swindon no longer provides any recycling facilities for cartons, or Tetra Paks as they're often called.

With the town using and disposing of nearly 10million cartons a year (54pp - source ACE UK), the environmental impact of this is massive. And in a world where sustainability is becoming ever-more important, it is simply wrong.

Between 2007 and April 2017, Swindon offered only limited facilities for carton recycling through 'bring-banks' at a number of locations across the town. Swindon's kerbside recycling collection has never included cartons and there is no facility at the central Household Waste Recycling Centre. In April 2017, Swindon Borough Council removed all local 'bring-bank' recycling facilities. This means that, following years of limited carton recycling in the town, Swindon currently offers its 200,000 residents NO carton recycling facilities whatsoever.

ACE UK is the Trade Association for beverage cartons in the UK and represents the three main UK carton manufacturing companies: Elopak, SIG Combibloc and Tetra Pak. They operate the UK's only carton recycling mill in Halifax which is capable of recycling 25,000 tonnes of cartons per year. ACE UK is always keen to discuss solutions to improve carton recycling with Local Authorities and offers a price-per-tonne for carton material at their UK mill.

Cartons are typically made from wood in the form of paperboard, as well as thin layers of aluminium and polyethylene. When recycled using the milling process, these materials can be separated and used for a diverse range of products. ACE UK's simple and colourful fact sheet shows how recycled cartons can be used as well as providing other valuable information about the industry's commitment to recycling.

The recycling solution is ready and waiting for Swindon's 10 million cartons per year.

Swindon Borough Council simply needs to extend its already extensive kerbside recycling collection service to include cartons and run a simple campaign to inform Swindon residents of this change. For properties without a kerbside recycling collection service (like mine) Swindon Borough Council should also introduce a centralised carton collection facility, re-introduce its localised 'bring-banks’ or extend its kerbside collection service.


Please sign this petition to show your support and help Swindon's residents to protect the environment in which we all live. Thank you.

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