Swimming Pool in Chittaranjan Park

Swimming Pool in Chittaranjan Park

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Why this petition matters

Started by Proloy Mitra

Swimming is my first love. I have been swimming since I learnt to walk. I propose to all the residents of Chittaranjan Park, to come together and work towards building a lifetime asset for this amazing residential community.

I propose we put better use of the vacant land available in Chittaranjan Park. Chittaranjan Park has been my home since 2012. This is a beautiful community, and I hope to live here as long as I live.

Chittaranjan Park has beautiful parks in every residential block. I am a proud resident of this community, where we have recreational facilities like play grounds for children, cricket and football fields, badminton courts, tennis court, gyms, and jogging parks.  

As a swimmer through school and college, I am privy to the massive benefit swimming as a sport can deliver to all of us living in this community.

A friend and I have been dabbling with the idea of proposing a swimming pool to the RWA and municipal authorities for sometime now. 

People would argue that a swimming pool will be a waste of water. I personally do not believe this is true. A swimming pool has water which is recycled.

The benefits of swimming are infinite. Here are a few I can immediately remember.

- A community swimming pool, will bring the community together.

- It will increase the recreational and real estate value of the community.

- Swimming is the best form of complete physical fitness.

- It will assist parents encourage children to be more fit and avoid obesity among the young in our community.

- Swimming will improve children to adopt good eating habits.

- Swimming improves stamina in children.

- It is an important introduction to the world of athletics.

- It is an essential skill which could be a life saver for many growing up in the community.

Hoping you all will participate in this petition, and join hands in getting an approval for a swimming pool to be constructed within CR Park.




271 have signed. Let’s get to 500!