Swimming at Hampton Springs Park

Swimming at Hampton Springs Park

July 16, 2022
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Why this petition matters

Started by Sabra Farnell

Several years ago the sulphur pool at Hampton Springs Park was determined to be unsafe. The county banned swimming in the pool and put a fence around it.

In 2001, swimming in the creek was also banned. 

In 2022, someone from the county also tried to keep my dogs out of the park. After 4 months, I found out that they could NOT ban me or my dogs from park.

Thinking about the situation with the dogs made me realize that we CAN change things if we join together and ask.

After doing some research, I found that the county has spent several hundred (maybe 400) thousand dollars on the sports complex that mainly caters to one out of town demographic. They have spent 50,00 towards the South side park, and have allotted several more thousands of dollars for a community wide sidewalk, (sidewalk plans currently do NOT include highway 98) I also learned that Governor DeSantis approved a budget that sets aside 700,00 for local park renovations 

With all of this information,

We the people of Taylor County Florida want a place to cool off. We want to be able to swim in the Hampton Springs creek. 

Further more, we would like to see grant money being used for park renovations and the correction of safety issues.

We are aware that we assume certain risks when we enter the park and promise to act responsibly. We also understand that the park host is in place to ensure our safety.

The biggest thing is the swimming. Too many places have been taken away from the citizens of Taylor County, Waldo, island Prairie etc. If WE do not take a stand now, another place will slowly go away, until there is nowhere left for our young people to gather

If we let them have Hampton Springs, what will be taken next? Aucilla river? Hodges Park?

Please help. Please sign the petition and let's go swimming! 


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Signatures: 36Next Goal: 50
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