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Abolish Tumblr's "Follow Limit"

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Hello all!

Tumblr, a social media platform, currently has a "follow limit" of 5,000 blogs. To the average person, 5,000 blogs might be a lot, but for Taylor Swift (who uses Tumblr on almost a daily basis), 5,000 is nothing compared to the MILLIONS of fans she tries to connect with via Tumblr.

Taylor Swift is known to follow her fans on Tumblr, "like" or "reblog" their posts, and personally reach out to her them on Tumblr. Now that she has hit her follow limit, this mean she either won't be able to follow new fans' blogs, or, she will have to delete the blogs she has been following for years so she can follow new people.

To many, believing they can connect with a celebrity online might seem like a distant fantasy, but for Swifities, it is something they can almost count on to happen sometime in their life. The thing is, limiting how many fans Taylor can follow on Tumblr eliminates her ability to reach out to fans. 

This petition is to have the creators of Tumblr abolish this "follow limit" of 2,000 blogs - especially for a certified celebrity. By eliminating this follow limit, Taylor Swift (and other celebrities) would be able to connect - and stay connected - to those they care most about...the fans! 

Please sign this petition not only in support of Taylor's love for Tumblr (and us, her fans), but for all Swifties everywhere who has a hope to personally connect with Ms. Swift herself one day!

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