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We are asking you to sign and share to demonstrate how strong our community is in SWFL Florida.  While we appreciate all supporters, please do not add your name if you do not live in Southwest Florida.  We would like this to be a reflection of the number of members of our community who are passionate about this cause. 

WHO ARE WE?  SWFL Indivisible is a grass-roots organization in Lee and Collier Counties.  We are guided by the principle that citizens acting locally can work together to participate in a democratic process which allows the people to hold elected officials accountable to ALL their constituents.  We feel that patriotism is about living in a country where democracy, freedom, and security are available to all people living in our country.

We are a non-partisan group of average SWFL community members.  We are moms and dads, small business owners and corporate employees, educated at all levels, from all religious backgrounds, homeowners and renters, people with retirement savings and people just trying to get by, young and old, all races and ethnicities, all sexual orientations, SWFL residents, voters, and patriots.

We are concerned with intolerance, human rights, voting equality, and the security and reputation of our great country.  We are concerned with authoritarianism. 

WHY HAVE WE ORGANIZED?  We stand with individuals from all walks of life, community groups working with marginalized populations, organizations and political parties with a variety of agendas to unite into one strong, inclusive voice.  We connect with our representatives and help them understand how average Americans live and dream.  We stay informed and make sure alternative facts don’t win.  We are concerned and compassionate about our fellow Americans.   We strive to see a representative government based on our constitutional rights.

WHAT DO WE WANT TO ACCOMPLISH?  We wish to see our representatives start responding to their constituents instead of pandering to party politics.  We will encourage them to make decisions based on what is right and true, instead of allowing the authoritarian, dangerous, and false narrative coming from the White House continue to dominate the message of what America stands for.  We want politicians to stop using talking points and start facing the American people, and the world with respect. 

SWFL Indivisible wishes to do the following:

To keep the lines of communication open with our elected representatives by interacting with elected officials and making our positions known on a variety of legislative issues.

To hold our elected officials accountable to represent all constituents.  We ask our officials to legislate based on the interests and needs of those they represent and not solely on party lines.

 WHERE WILL WE FOCUS OUR EFFORTS?  Our members live here in Southwest Florida, so we wish to interact with Members of Congress representing the 17th and 19th districts of the House of Representatives, Senators of the State of Florida, as well as state and local level officials.  We also want to work to ensure all citizens in our area can be as informed as possible in order to make decisions at the polls.  We will emphasize our efforts on having an open dialogue with our representatives at all levels of government and promoting candidates for upcoming elections.



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