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Roosters have their comb chopped off to make lip fillers. The rest of their body is minced into feed for Danish mink farms. The Swedish company Bohus Biotech breeds tens of thousands of roosters to be slaughtered specifically for lip augmentation and anti-wrinkle creams. Their products use hyaluronic acid extracted from the comb, although synthetic alternatives are readily available and already in use!

The roosters are bred to have as large of a comb as possible, in order to contain as much hyaluronic acid as possible. At 28 weeks of age, they are taken to slaughterhouses and have their comb chopped off. The rest of their body is minced and turned into mink food, biogas or manure.

Although it is forbidden within the EU to test cosmetics on animals, there is no ban on making products from animals.

Letter to
CEO, Bohus Biotech Daniel Ogbonnaya
Enheten för försöksdjur Viveka Hillegaart
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Överdirektör och veterinärchef (CVO) Leif Denneberg
I was horrified to learn that roosters are being bred and slaughtered to serve as raw material in the lip augmentation product Dermavisc.

Cosmetic animal testing is already strictly forbidden in Sweden and in the EU. It is evident that this ban must extend to the use of animal products in cosmetics. At a time when countries are progressing towards using fewer animals in tests and less animal products, it is inexcusable that Bohus Biotech is slaughtering roosters for lip fillers when synethtic hyaluronic acid is already readily available and in use!

This is not only unnecessary but highly unethical. Bohus Biotech must rely on synthetic options and end the killing of roosters for lip fillers!


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