SWC Save the Grad Walls

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At SWC, in our school's basement, we have multiple painted walls that have displayed our school spirit for previous generations who have attended.

These walls are hand painted, hand designed, and produced by the students that have gone here. These walls mean a lot to our school and the grade 12 year, as it shows that they have graduated and left a mark on our school, which is a huge accomplishment. Although these walls mean a lot to our students, a decision has been made to repaint over these walls and make them specifically for the athletic department of our school. This is completely unfair to the rest of our school. I have personally spent 4 years of my high-school career and walked through these halls admiring the work and dedication that has been put into these walls. I and multiple other students were promised in grade 9 a grade wall and have been looking forward to this wall. There are definitely other ways to include and show off our athletic department without leaving out the other students.

Knowing I may not be able to get this wall is very disappointing. I am willing to fight for this wall for my year. Not only am I fighting for my own wall, but I am fighting for the years of walls that have displayed our school spirit.