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Next struggle at the Jan Sunwai, 10th Oct, 2pm, Jantar Mantar (New Delhi)

Thanks so much for signing the petition. Over the last one month we, as Pinjra Tod, have been working to connect with women who are and have been at the receiving end of gender discriminatory rules and regulations prevalent in women's hostels and PGs. The response we have received till now has been, to say the least, overwhelming. We have collected numerous narratives from women across universities in the city, the absurdity and oppression of it all hitting us afresh and anew with each new story. Today, we are reaching out to you to seek your support for the next phase in our struggle. The Delhi Commission for Women has contacted the Pinjra Tod Campaign and expressed interest in working with us on the issues we have raised. We are organising a Jan Sunwai (Public Hearing) in Jantar Mantar (New Delhi) on 10th Oct (this Saturday) at 2pm to be presided by a jury panel of eminent women's rights activists. We hope to make the Jan Sunwai a platform where women from universities across the city share their experiences of living in women's hostels and PGs, the challenges they face living in such restricted environments and the instances of discrimination on the basis of caste, class, religion, region and sexuality that often goes hand in hand with gendered discrimination. We will also present our memorandum and Charter of Demands to a representative of the Delhi Commission of Women (DCW), who will be present the at the hearing. We hope the Jan Sunwai will be a coming together of people in a show of protest against the state and university authorities that seek to strictly control and regulate how young adult women live, study, work, roam, love and desire in this city, and the country in general. If you live in Delhi, we really hope that you will attend the Jan Sunwai on 10th Oct and urge people you know, especially women who live/have lived in hostels and PGs to attend. It is extremely crucial that we show up in huge numbers on that day for the government to feel the pressure to act pro-actively on this matter. If you or anyone you know, has an experience to share as a testimonial at the Jan Sunwai, please do write to us at We shall document and share every story and experience on our FB page, which we hope to ultimately compile into an exhaustive report on the issue. We look forward to your support. Thanks Pinjratod

Pinjra Tod
7 years ago