No more solar farms in our area! (Rhydypandy)

No more solar farms in our area! (Rhydypandy)

5 March 2020
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Swansea County Council
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Why this petition matters

Started by Tim Jones

Stop solar farms in our area! They are taking up valuable farm land and look an eyesore! We must STOP ruining our countryside! 

At a 9MW capacity i.e maximum possible in most favourable sunny conditions it may produce 9MW but as we all know from Government released Statistics (see DUKES) these installations only are effective by just 10% - so this really is only 1MW scheme in reality! 

Not much further than a mile up from this site is the Mynydd y Gwair MyG Wind Turbine complex on common grazing land. Another scenic landscape marred by renewable energy with massive wind turbines and a maze of service roads and a network of “sheds” under each turbine. This is a further local saturation visual impact on the locality. When will enough be enough? This MyG scheme on average produces just only 8MW.

This is good agricultural land - better used for farming and food production.

The Rhydypandy area, once so very rural, is now very much covered with an abundance of such solar developments  - solar panels everywhere and soon to be a Gas fired Power Station. This is now to the level of serious detrimental impact on our area. 

These 25,000 Solar panels will need nine cabins and one control building all of these will be intrusive on the landscape. 

The solar development will obviously have a negative impact on all wildlife in the vicinity. Including important species of fauna and flora in the Llan watercourses below this site and fast run offs from such a huge array will affect their habitat. 

The site is situated alongside the main road and the glare from these solar panels are inevitable. 

Surely there is a better place for developments such as these?

Why not the roof of shopping centres? etc



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Signatures: 228Next Goal: 500
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