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End tethering of horses on public land.

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The tethering of equines on public land directly and negatively effects the current horse crisis in Wales. The purchase of low cost equines with the intention to use public space both to house and feed the animal free of charge encourages further purchases and irresponsible/indiscriminate breeding. Intimidation and serious intimidation is always shown to those Swansea residents who oppose tethering with some individuals feeling they have a right to handouts. 

The practise of tethering in itself is out dated and in the vast majority, equines kept on the end of a chain are poorly maintained and live a less than acceptable life. Tethering meets none of the five freedoms promoted in good practise, as stated by the RSPCA. Equines on a tether are susceptible to abuse from humans and other animals, the weather, mental and physical suffering, and many suffer from hunger and thirst.

Equines on tether are an eye sore to Swansea residents and unaesthetically pleasing to residents who reside on estates of Swansea where tethering is currently tolerated by the Local Authority. Tethering promotes social unease, environmental damage and a general disregard for the upkeep of the estate/area.


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