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Sweden/Svenska Kyrkan discriminates against Haitian-American widow

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My husband (Georg Hernemar, PE) is supposedly buried in Sweden. Sweden has denied me any rights as his widow. Sweden has informed me that my husband's remains belongs to his mother. And, that I have no say as to what happens to Georg's remains. 

Funera AB (the Swedish funeral home) and the church of Sweden buried Georg in a tomb that belongs to his mother-supposedly-. As such, I have no rights to even choose a headstone to place over where he was supposedly buried.  Georg's remains now is his mother's property.

As a human being, as a widow, I want the church of Sweden to know, that, as much as my Georg's mother wants to be buried with her late-husband, and, that she, has the right to do so, I ask for Sweden to accept, that I too, have the right to be buried with my late-husband-Georg Hernemar-

I am as much a human being as Swedes. And, when even my name was deleted off my husband's obituary, I have the right to claim foul.

The obituary for Georg was printed in Uppsaly Nyeter. The obituary shows that Georg died, and that he was survived by: His mother, his sisters, his sister's children and his sister's grand-children. It took the funeral homed over a year to accept that my name should not have been deleted off the obituary.

Sweden has even issued a death certificate for Georg and even mentioned implant. Georg died in the USA and he was issued a death certificate in the USA.

Georg's supposed tomb has remained anonymous since 2015. The church of Sweden has made every effort to keep me from putting a headstone over the grave. But why? if Georg is buried where Sweden told me he was buried, why force me to keep the tomb anonymous? What church would separate a widow from her deceased husband? What culture would would tell a surviving spouse that her spouse's remains belongs to his mother? What church would forced a widow from being buried with her late husband?

Why is Sweden being so unfair? so hostile? Is it because am I an American? is it because I was born in Haiti? Is it because I am not Caucasian? Why did the Swedish funeral home lie? What I am being harassed? Why can't Sweden accept that Georg and I were married? and that the surviving widow, I have the right to be buried with him? Why is the church of Sweden hiding behind Georg's mother? What is going on?

I ask for Sweden to return my husband's remains to USA. I'm his surviving widow. Georg was diagnosed with cancer in 2011 and died in New York in 2015 including spending the last five months of his life in the hospital. I was his sole caretaker.

I buried him in his native Sweden because I was told that his mother could not come to USA for the funeral. I was stupid to do so, had I not, I would have been spared all this distressing mess.

When after the American funeral home in New York prepared the remains to send to Sweden, Funera AB the Swedish funeral home (recommended to me by Georg's Swedish family) met me at Arlanda airport in Stockholm. Funera AB took Georg's remains for the funeral. I have since lost all rightful control over the remains. There have many hateful and discriminatory lies and tactics. It is time to let go of Georg's remains. All I want is for Georg's remains to be returned to USA. I'm his widow. I ask Svenska Kyrkan/the church of Sweden to accept it. And, I ask the public for support.  Georg died in OCtober of 2015 and still, I have been able to grieve. I have been struggling to get justice. It is time. It it time to stop all the tactics and do what is right and fair. Let go of my husband's remains. Let me grieve the loss of my husband in peace. Let me bury him where I can at least visit his grave and shed my tears for him. I loved Georg and he loved me.

What Funera AB and Svenska Kyrkan/th church of Sweden have done and continue to do is unfair.

I ask for Georg's Hernemar's remains to be reburied in USA. 




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