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Paudash Lake started this petition to Suzanne Partridge (Ward 2 Councillor, Municipality of Highlands East) and

We call upon the organizations responsible for the care and preservation of Paudash Lake, and those responsible for the enforcement of planning regulations, to live up to their mandates. We feel that our waterfront shoreline is being damaged by construction work that involves significant tree felling, filling in of precious wetlands and the dumping of large volumes of rock into the lake. Meanwhile at other properties, buildings and docks are not being maintained and are literally being allowed to collapse into the lake. 

Such intrusive construction is currently being carried out, seemingly unchecked by Highlands East Municipality. We stand with the owners of neighbouring properties in their efforts to restore the peaceful enjoyment of their lakeside properties and to maintain the value of their cottages. There are examples of neighbours enduring dust and noise from heavy machinery and quarrying activity from 7am to 7pm. – for protracted periods as long as 7 years.

We support the proposed ‘Shoreline Preservation Bylaw’, currently being discussed by Haliburton County Council, will provide a framework for much stronger protections for our shoreline and wetlands in the future. We support this Bylaw and urge our municipal representatives and other environmental bodies to support it.

Action now!

We look to Highlands East to curb any kind of harmful construction activity on the lake by taking the following actions:

•       Our Councillors and Regulators should stand up for their constituents, and prevent further abuses, by decisively enforcing the planning regulations now and into the future. To protect the lake and other cottagers from harm they should not hesitate to take legal advice and legal action if necessary.

•       Owners should not be able to get away with damaging the shoreline without consequences. Wherever possible, in the event of environmental damage such as excessive tree felling, Highlands East should coordinate a detailed restoration plan, supervised by the appropriate authorities, to be carried out by a third party at an offender’s expense. We also recommend that they enforce the maximum fines possible for any activity that breaches regulations and/or any existing construction agreements and By Laws.

•       We recommend that extensions to building permits be done with great care, especially when building work is already in breach of existing agreements. A cottage owner should not be expected to live with construction work next door for periods as long as 7 years. Any building permit or extension must be for a reasonable period and as short as possible.  They should clearly outline expectations including the date of finalization of all construction work such as landscaping, driveways and walkways, completion of the new cottage and the removal of any existing building that it replaces.

•      Any building permit or extension must prohibit the use of heavy machinery except for appropriate construction purposes over a limited time period. Use of heavy equipment for significant alteration of the landscape is not appropriate for normal cottage landscaping, and not compatible with responsible environmental stewardship.

•       Any building permit or extension must include pollution and noise restrictions and limit work to reasonable working hours only.

Environmental protection for the future

Wetlands are essential to the health and biodiversity of the lake. Shoreline trees are also important. Significant alteration of the shoreline landscape is harmful to our lake.

The purpose of the Crowe Valley Conservation Authority is to “prevent or restrict development and site alterations near water and wetlands in order to protect from flooding, erosion and other hazards”. We also call upon the Ministry of Natural Resources and Forestry and the Ontario Ministry of the Environment, Conservation and Parks to protect our shoreline and the environment of our Lake to the fullest extent of their powers.  We ask them to focus on preventing the kinds of construction issues raised in this petition and to support the proposed By Law

This petition is directed to the following organizations:

Municipality of Highlands East
Suzanne Partridge, Ward 2 Councillor, 613-339-2365.
Crowe Valley Conservation Authority
Andrew McIntyre, Source Water Protection Technician & Regulations Officer, 613-472-3137

The Ontario Ministry of the Environment, Conservation and Parks
Chris Johnston, Senior Environmental Officer, 705-927-7809

The Ontario Ministry of Natural Resources and Forestry
Suzanne Shalla, District Manager, 613-332-3940 ext 201  

County of Haliburton
James Rogers, Forest Conservation Officer, 705 457 6854

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At 500 signatures, this petition is more likely to be featured in recommendations!