South Sudanese Women Demand inclusivity

South Sudanese Women Demand inclusivity

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Suzanne Jambo started this petition to South Sudanese Women demand Inclusivity

South Sudanese Women demand Inclusivity in peace, justice, equality and in the upcoming Government of Transitional Unity in South Sudan. 

We, South Sudanese women and girls, who are 65% of the population, are the ones who bear wars and violence brunt the most; rape, sexual violence, physical and health vulnerability, and poverty in general. Yet we have been excluded from decision-making historically and at IGAD peace processes on South Sudan’s conflict resolution by the mediators and all parties. Why? Because we don’t carry guns neither command government military nor armed rebellions. And because we are peacful and we abhor the death of our children, husbands, and our own death.

Despite our exclusion and marginalization, women and girls are the majority of the South Sudanese population, a fact no one can deny.

We thus hereby make the following demands:

1. Women must be immediately included by all concerned parties in any on-going and future peace agreements and processes.
2. We are very concerned that to-date, March 2019, no authority seems concerned to meaningfully include women in any decision-making processes.
3. The time has come for women to be centrally included in the upcoming Government of National Unity, TGoNU scheduled for May 2019.
4. That women will not accept any periphery or token posts anymore.
5. That women occupy posts such as ministries of finance, defense, interior, education, foreign affairs and health, and in all levels, national and states, including as governors. There are enough competent, committed, non-corrupt, non-violent and nationalistic women in South Sudan.

The time has come for South Sudan to welcome humanitarian leadership in the form of women to offer unique qualitative leadership. Women are mothers and spouses and pillars of support for millions of men leaders, women are the backbone of any society. Why not them as leaders?

If women are not centrally and meaningfully included in any influencing national laws and politics, the reforms that both men and women are seeking will never be found. Women should have a say in the making of the laws, policies and decisions that affect their lives and the nation as well. This is our time to bring change and push the forces of economic, political and cultural powers that shape and direct public opinion. The world has seen the unthinkable happening in South Sudan and this is the moment to say enough is enough!

Thank you,

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Women signatories:

1. Kaidi Cleto Rial
2. Suzanne Jambo
3. Jennifer Baithpath Majuac
4. Akuany Mane Nyandeng
5. Sarah Halliday
6. Janty Juan Abrama
7. Rose Din
8. Halla Faustino Roro
9. Pastor Betty Almas
10. Ajak Beny
11. Nyalilit Batim
12. Awut Dut
13. Viola Haggi
14. Matilda Robert Kanisio
15. Okeny Anthony
16. Stella Stella Keji Stephen
17. Mary Ayuen Bior
18. Nyaruach Jok
19. Kide Tabitha
20. Samah Samson
21. Ayak Chol Deng Abyei
22. Nunu Manawa
23. Kila Karlo
24. Monica Gatkuoth
25. Elizabeth Lacey
26. Lucia Magot
27. Riya William Yuyada
28. Geysha Pathinathan
29. Teresa Jeremiah Chay
30. Angela Ngor Bol
31. Mary Akech
32. Monica Nyapouch Gatlouk
33. Nyamal Dei

Men signatories in solidarity with women:

1. Gatluke Reath
2. Dritayi Jambo
3. Elbow Chuol
4. Pastor Julius Badigo
5. Patrick Opiy
6. Tor Madira Machier
7. Ahmed Awermac
8. Simon Gai Wuor
9. Paul Cabiet Ayang
10. Malual Manyuol Dau
11. Emmanuel Yugusuk Erasto
12. John Wekpot

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