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Change Hunterdon Central's Grading System

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At Hunterdon Central Regional High School, there is a huge emphasis on maintaining spectacular grades. However, the grading system that is being used currently is affecting that goal for students.

Currently, the school runs on a block-scheduled day, meaning a student attends four classes each day ("A" Days), and the next day they would attend their other four classes ("B" Days), and the cycle continues all year. It is a fairly new system for the school, and it has been implemented well.

Yet, this system poses a problem. Being that students only attend 90 class sessions per year for each class, the administration at the school has decided that grades are cumulative throughout the entire year. This means that a single bad grade could affect a student's grade for that entire year

Rather than having a single grade for the entire year, the school should make the decision to adopt a new system where, using the "A" and "B" day cycle, students have the opportunity to recover from one bad grade. For example, the administration could change the system in a way that grades are "refreshed" so-to-speak after the first semester. 

As a student attending Hunterdon Central, I have experienced this issue first-hand. The first test I took my freshman year, I received a C+. Not that this is a bad grade, but I found it increasingly difficult as the year progressed to raise my grade in that class.

 For teachers, it should also be required that all grades are input into the grading system before the last few days of school. This would allow students time to find out why they received the grade they did and try to find ways to improve it if at all possible. 

I do not believe the school should trash the entire "A" and "B" day cycle concept, but they should rather find a solution to these challenges students face. In conclusion, the grading system at Hunterdon Central should be modified. 

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