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Remove School Principal Ms. Blake

Ms. Blake has demonstrated that she does not have the students best interest at heart by the following examples:
1. She has systematically targeted the termination or interruption of sports programs throughout the school. (I.E. alleged termination of swim team, removed the softball coach, attempting to terminate or remove Baseball Coach under false pretenses.)
2. She has violated No Child Left Behind Act of 2001 Sections 1001, 1111, 1112 & 1118.
3. She has closed the Parent Center, which is valuable Title 1 Resource
4. She is jeopardizing the ability of students to experience the vision that is set forth by Kennedy's history.
5. She has a history of 'lying' to the parents of athletes, in order to pursue her agenda.
6. She has a history of misappropriating school funds, hiring and overpaying her husband and his 'band', while denying teachers and students supplies.
7. She was the boss of Pedro, the school staff who took kids to a Dodger game, and yet Ms. Blake is inerrantly attempting to put the responsibility on Coach Alvarado.

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  • Suzanne Blake, Principal at John F. Kennedy High School, Granada Hills .

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