I would love to see the other kid involved removed from school

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On 9/26/17 my nephew was standing in line in his high school  cafeteria when he was blindsided by another student the first hit knocked my nephew unconscious the other kid proceeded to hit my nephew 8 to 9 more times after he was knocked out my nephew never defended his self given the fact he was knocked out cold the other student was suspended for five days and will return back to school tomorrow 10/3/17 my nephew no longer feel safe in high school  my nephew was advised that he could come in and fill out the paperwork to quit high school my opinion that is not acceptable  my nephew did nothing wrong why should he quit  School and lose his high school years and all the fun activities that he will Experience while there I think the other students should be expelled he should lose all of the opportunities not my nephew by telling my nephew he can quit school is telling him that there is nobody there that will stand up for him nobody will help when you were in a situation like this instead the best thing they can tell you is to just quit so I’m asking for help I don’t want to see my nephew quit school but I understand that my nephew was in fear so I’m asking help me sign this petition and get the other student out of school