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Sutton's Extra 30 Minutes as a Study Hall Period

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My name is Leighton McLeod. My role in the Sutton community is Student Body President for the 2017-2018 school year. My position supports voicing the opinions and reaching goals of the student body as a whole. To make up for the lost days due the weather this school semester, the Superintendent's survey results decided to add an extra 30 minutes to the end of each day beginning January 29 until March 30.

A wise decision of use of this time should be to create a study hall/tutorial period for teachers and students. As an APS middle school, our school level already has an additional 30 minutes added to our day compared to elementary and high schools. Instead of adding five minutes to the end of each class, this half hour should be put to proper use.

The following list describes the benefits of having this study hall/tutorial period.

Homework Tutorial and Assistance: As students and teachers, school tends to take control of our lives sometimes. With the time off after and before school provided, we take advantage of those hours completing our committed tasks and responsibilities. Both teachers and students may not have the time to come to tutorial or assist students after school. Not only do prior commitments interfere, but certain teachers must report to their after school post to monitor the halls. With the added half hour, student will now have the ability to meet and discuss curriculum, confusion, and issues after class during this period. A simple homework problem causing confusion can be worked out with the teacher and help our grades raise. Also, teachers would not have to stay late on tutorial days. Tutorial days are limited for teachers and students. I do not see why this period could not help out students and staff!

Technology and Resource Access: Not every student attending Sutton Middle School has access to a computer, the internet, or printers at home. These resources are often required for completion of essential work. With this period, students would have the time and resources available to their every need. Students will not face punishment because they simply can not afford these resources.

Editing the Schedule is Unnecessary: As for administration, changing the schedule would be a difficult task. With making this time study hall, the period would occur at the end of the day in homeroom classes. Couldn't be easier!

Teacher Planning Period: Teachers could also use this time period as a planning period for upcoming lessons and required work assigned by administration and APS

30 Minutes vs. 5 Minutes: Having 30 minutes of a classes is better than only having an additional 5 minutes. With this available half hour, students will get done work needed to be completed quickly.

Recent studies by the Connecticut Post have also proven that study hall periods increase grades and students are more likely to complete more work assignments. As parents, students, and other community members, signing this petition will help benefit Sutton Middle School as a whole.



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