Stop the closure of Butter Hill, Wallington, Surrey.

Stop the closure of Butter Hill, Wallington, Surrey.

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Started by Lois Jenkins

As you may be aware, the Government has given funding to Councils in order to make more space for pedestrians and cyclists, both to promote healthier ways of getting around and to ensure that these spaces are sufficient to allow for social distancing as we are emerging from lockdown due to the Coronavirus pandemic. 

Liberal Democrat-run Sutton Council has made a number of plans. 

This list includes plans to close the bridge between Butter Hill and Mill Lane to motorists.

This will impact the residents in the area, making us have longer journey times coming from much busier roads to get to our own houses, making the busy roads even more busy. It will not encourage people to be more "green" and walk or cycle. It will just make it harder for residents to get to their homes.

We understand that there can be problems relating to traffic on this road at rush hour time but there are other ways than closing it! There are other ways to deal with the situation, like traffic signals or restricted entry times. I am a local resident and use the bridge most days as I tend to avoid the main road traffic on Manor Road as it gets too busy.

Elliot Colburn said: I am disappointed that residents will not have the opportunity to have their say on the plans before they are implemented, when other Councils have managed to find the time to ask residents for their views.

742 have signed. Let’s get to 1,000!