Ask Sutter County Board of Supervisors for a No-Confidence Vote for Supervisor Whiteaker

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Jim Whiteaker, Sutter County Supervisor for District 4, was a P.E. teacher at Yuba City High School until termination proceedings were initiated by Yuba City Unified School District (YCUSD) in February of 2018 for inappropriately touching a female student. Reported and documented inappropriate conduct involving minor students dates back to 1998, over 20 years ago, but more victims of Whiteaker’s have since come forward dating back to 1993. Two lawsuits have been filed against Whiteaker identifying the following complaints: Battery, Sexual Battery, Annoying or Molesting a Minor, False Imprisonment, Intentional Infliction of Emotional Distress, Negligent Infliction of Emotional Distress, Concealment, Violations of Unruh Civil Rights Act, Negligence and Dangerous Condition of Public Property/Premises Liability. The most recent case reported to YCUSD and Yuba City Police Department (YCPD) involves Whiteaker grabbing a 14-year old female student’s buttocks, downplaying his actions and attempting to coerce the student to go into an office with him. An outside attorney, hired by YCUSD, investigated this case and returned results that showed the student’s claims held merit and recommended either suspension or termination of Whiteaker. This case is also currently in the hands of the Attorney General, likely being considered for criminal charges.

Whiteaker’s defense is that he believes present society is “hypersensitive” and that he’s never had to face any allegations like this in the past. He also stated in a letter he sent in March of 2018 to residents of Sutter County that the claims against him are false, have been made without supporting evidence and are without merit. These statements made by him are lies. YCUSD has investigative reports (supporting evidence) dating back to 1998 showing victim complaints hold merit. Even if Whiteaker by chance was not made aware of YCUSD’s supporting evidence, he could still be guilty of willful blindness (i.e., ignorance of law). The 1998 investigative report from YCUSD stated that appropriate disciplinary action was taken; therefore, it is plausible Whiteaker HAS had to face allegations like this in the past, contrary to his quoted statement.

As Sutter County Supervisor, some of Whiteaker’s duties include serving on the committees of several organizations that assist youth in Sutter County, including the Children & Families Commission of Sutter County. Countywide Goals listed on the Sutter County website include “providing local government leadership which is open, responsive, ethical, inclusive, and transparent” and “to maintain strong commitment to public safety”. Residents of Sutter County may not trust him and/or believe he would fulfill his duties as Supervisor, especially since he stated untruths during news interviews and in his letter addressed to residents. Whiteaker, his attorney and his supporters have attempted to silence his victims and their supporters by accusing them of lying and being “money hungry”. Considering his conduct involved taking advantage of youth and touching minor students inappropriately without their consent, it could be assumed that Whiteaker may NOT exhibit the leadership qualities required of the Board Supervisors that are inclusive of a strong moral and ethical compass and demonstrates dedication to the safety of the public.

Does the Sutter County Board of Supervisors really want the reputation of Jim Whiteaker to infect voter confidence and cast a shadow of doubt over the entire Board and its mission? Keeping Whiteaker on the Board makes each and every Supervisor appear complicit in his abusive activities, especially since Board members know of the allegations made against Whiteaker, have access to lawsuits that have been filed and are aware of the termination proceedings that have begun regarding his teaching job.

It appears that Jim Whiteaker refuses to step down and resign from his Sutter County Supervisor position. Remaining in his position as Supervisor may not be in the best interest of constituents in his district. Turning a blind eye by the Sutter County Board of Supervisors may not be tolerated by voters; therefore, we are asking for the Board to unanimously raise a motion and vote of no-confidence for Jim Whiteaker as Sutter County Supervisor for District 4.