Save the Cronulla Women's Rest Centre from demolition, return it to the Master Plan

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The Cronulla Women's Rest Centre is an essential part of Cronulla. It is used by the Women, Children and Fathers, it has been used and loved by the community for the past 55years, approximately 100,000 users per year. It was built on a Park and the funding for the building of the Centre was donated by an adjacent Service Station. The elderly, the not so elderly, the young mothers and fathers use this unique facility with its attendants onsite to assist the mothers /fathers or anybody in need, or just to chat to somebody who is lonely. It is a treasured unique facility, a safe haven in a busy world. Unfortunately the Sutherland Shire Councillors voted to place Plans on display which require the Centre is to be demolished, this will bring hardship to the users of the Centre and will be a huge loss for the community. We call on the Sutherland Shire Councillors to reverse this decision and save The Cronulla Women's Rest Centre as promised in the Motion passed by this Council in February, 2015, and make sure the Centre is supplied with an attendant at all times.