Total upgrade on Heathcote Road!

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Heathcote Road was constructed during the second World War as a military defence route. Construction started in 1940 and was complete in 1943. 

Since then, this road has seen countless fatalities. It is about time the road was properly upgraded to suit the needs of highly populated South & South west Sydney. 

a reduction in speed is not going to help! it’s time to put forward a serious solution to all the fatalities that occur on Heathcote road year after year. 

A decrease of speed will not solve the problem. Heathcote Road needs to be Widened to 2 lanes each way, centre barriers and street lamps installed. 

According to Wikipedia- 

“Heathcote Road plays a major role in the servicing of traffic travelling between the Illawarra and Western Sydney and also provides access to the Holsworthy Barracks. The road has a history of accidents, due to its narrow nature, the number of blind corners and the steep gradients.”

Being a user of this road 2-4 times per day, every day, I have witnessed so many near-misses because people do 20,30,40kms under the speed limit as it is, and the people who are sticking to the speed limit on this main road, overtake from a single lane section with broken lines in to oncoming traffic ... IT IS DANGEROUS! 

Please sign this petition so we can finally have this major road upgraded to what it needs to be! We are sick of the RMS and council putting bandaid fixes On this issue.