Sutherland Shire Council - Bring back scheduled clean-ups

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In 2012, Sutherland Shire Council replaced the traditional bi-annual clean up with an on-demand service, where each household was entitled to book their own individual clean-ups, twice a year. 

The plan was to review this new approach for effectiveness after a 12 month trial - whether this was actually reviewed is unknown, however the residents of the Sutherland Shire are still encumbered with this "booking" system in 2020. 

The problem that is faced by residents, is the ridiculous waiting period when trying to book their cleanup. For example, to book a collection today (11th May), the next available collection is September 7th 2020! That is SEVENTEEN weeks away. 

Sutherland Shire Council - The time has come to go back to a regular scheduled cleanup. Take a look at our neighbours over in Bayside Council, where residents get FOUR scheduled kerbside collections each year.....  on their council issued, fridge magnet rubbish calendar so they know well in advance and can plan for it! 

Having the scheduled service back, would also alleviate the problem where the few households who manage to get a pickup booked, have their pile of rubbish dumped on prior to pickup by all their neighbours (who can't get one)

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