Petition to ban the importation, retail, sale and use of petro-based, single-use plastics

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Please join Sustainable E.A.R.T.H. Foundation and Ban Single Use Plastic Straws- Ditch the Plastic Movement in advocating for the above aforementioned ban.

Plastic is a material that has brought vast improvements and conveniences to our lives. However, this convenience has contributed to the plastic pollution crisis the world faces today. As with every environmental challenge, it offers us immense opportunity to re-think the way we live and the items we consume on an everyday basis. It is more costly to clean up our environment tomorrow than to prevent plastic pollution today.

Plastic waste causes a plethora of complications when it gets  into the environment. The problem with plastic is that it never really goes away but rather breaks down into what is now known as microplastics where they are transported hundreds of miles in every direction eventually reaching our food and water sources.

Plastics are ingested by marine animals such as turtles and dolphins who mistake these for food and have been found to result in the death of hundreds of aquatic species, as it blocks the airways of animals and fills their stomachs leaving them feeling full, when in reality they starve to death. It is also a major source of flooding as it clogs rivers, drains and sewers. There is medical  evidence that the toxic chemicals added during the manufacture of plastics is eventually  transferred from  animal tissue to the human food chain. Many islands in the Caribbean including Bahamas, Haiti, St. Vincent and the Grenadines, Barbados, Jamaica, Dominica, Turks and Caicos are already on board with the phase out of single use plastics  as they recognize the need for sustainability and protection of the environment.

We need your help so that  Trinidad & Tobago can also join the movement to save our twin island paradise! Help us reach over 100,000 signatures to ensure that our government takes action!

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