Remove Sussex University student from Do Not House list (Mental Health discrimination)

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Friday 21st July 2017.

This petition is for the University of Sussex to stop discriminating against me because of the mental health issues I have had as a result of being a victim of serious crime which was NOT my fault. 

Sussex must remove me from the "Do Not House" list and offer accommodation for my final year. This petition is also to seek support and justice for the discrimination of myself and other students with mental health issues and who have been victims of serious crime.

It is unlawful to discriminate on the basis of mental health. I have fully justified and shown the University clear evidence of the fact that

  1.  My issues earlier this year, including multiple suicide attempts, were as a result of my mental health.
  2. This was triggered by being a victim of a serious crime.

The University cannot undermine this evidence in any way and have no reason not to accept it as it is from credible third parties such as the police and medical experts.

Sussex University are showing no compassion and displaying a completely unsympathetic and unreasonable approach where as at this point in time they should be supporting me. Sussex University are doing totally the opposite which is undermining my studies, affecting my health and will prevent me from progressing

The biggest contradiction in all of this is the fact that the Head of Residential Services agreed for me to stay in University Managed Accommodation over the Summer from June until September. However, apparently I am too much of a "risk" to be able to stay for my final year! This of course, makes absolutely no sense. If I was such "risk to the community" they would NOT have allowed me to stay on campus with other students over the Summer.

This is COMPLETE discrimination on the basis of mental health which is absolutely disgusting. Even after providing the University with evidence from a number of professionals including my mental health worker, doctor and student advocate who have all provided reassurance to the Univeristy and  all stated the reasons why I need to be in University Managed Accommodation, the University still decided to ignore:

  • The fact that my health has improved drastically over the last 3 months
  • The fact that I have been living in University Accommodation since April with no issues
  • The fact that I am currently doing a University Internship and doing really well.
  • The fact that I provided supporting evidence from various medical professionals

I have gone through 2 complaints procedures already for 2 months which have made no difference.

I fought so hard to get through my 2nd Year and somehow managed to achieve a 2:1 even after everything. My dreams of finishing University and getting a degree, however, are just that.. dreams. Because I am facing the serious prospect of being a homeless student. I don't want to have to leave University, I want to get my degree. But right now it's important that I am in a safe and comfortable place, like where I am currently, University Managed Accommodation. 

Mental Health impacts many and is a serious issue that appears the University of Sussex do not seem to understand. Instead, I am being made to feel like I am some monster and placed on this "Do Not House" list. But let us not forget.. they are fine with me living in University Accommodation over the Summer. But NOT for my final year.

Please help!! Sign, share and spread the word. Thank you!

Yasmin xx


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