We demand the return of Crawley's Police Officers and PCSOs

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Almost 800 Police Officers and PCSOs have been cut from the Crawley area over recent years. Whatever the intentions of those making the cuts at the time, the consequences have become very clear: a wave of drugs and violent crime in our local neighbourhoods unlike anything residents can remember.

Our community should not be forced to suffer this decline of law and order and we need to make sure that our voice is heard clearly. It's common sense that reducing police numbers has allowed this problem to develop and we need a restoration of those officers and PCSOs now to get the situation back under control.

That is why I'm asking for your support in my campaign to see our police force restored, making the following request:

This petition calls upon the Sussex Police and Crime Commissioner to ensure Crawley is allocated the officers we need to restore a meaningful response for those who contact the police, and to end the wave of drugs and violence which has recently plagued our town.

Many thanks for your support ensuring Crawley's voice gets heard,



Cllr Peter Lamb
Leader, Crawley Borough Council